About me

1. I was born March 18, 1991.

2. I’m anemic.

3. I get sick easily. Kinda sucks.

4. I have a twin brother. Though…no one believes us.

5. I love my grandma. She’s the person that means the most to me.

6. I hate things that say Reblog if you don’t want your mom to die thing like that. My mom died when I was 11 and I loved her more than anyone. Stop with the stupid lies.

7. I sing. Not sure if I sing well or not but I don’t do it often so there.

8. I’m good at keeping secrets…when they really matter.

9. Sorted Ravenclaw but I like to think if Hogwarts had the house Slytherclaw I’d be in it.

10. College rules my life at the moment.

11. One place I would love to live one day is Boston.

12. I don’t think I’m good at relationships.

13. I watch glee and I free admit, I ship Puck and Rachel. I think Finn’s an idiot and needs to grow up a lot more before going into a relationship.

14. I don’t have a set sexual preference. I believe I love what I love…it just depends on the person.

15. Adele’s album 21 is one of my favorite cd’s at the moment.

16. I love to play with photoshop. Graphics will be posted here sometimes…

17. I’m allergic to nickle. So no fake jewelry for me, lol.

18. Forget what you knew about me in high school…people change.

19. Biggest Girl Crush: Evan Rachel Wood. Celeb crush: Adam Levine. I have a thing for red heads and guys who can sing…

20. seven is a lie. I sing all the time. Did you catch it?